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PlayStation 2 Emulator | PCSX2


PlayStation 2 Emulator | PCSX2

You Can Use PS2 Games On Your PC By Using This Emulator 

 Follow Step By Step Screens Configuration

1. Config - Plugin/BIOS selector

 2. Click on the arrow and select the appropriate GS Plugin. Most good SSE4
3. Click the Configure button

  4. Adjust the image below. click OK and OK again.

  5. Select Config - emulation settings

  6. Select Window GS. adjust the picture below

 7. Check the text box "presets" (there are close to the camera icon at the bottom), and slide the button to the right. further to the right, getting his kenceng fps. This is an arrangement speedhacks automatically. if too quickly slide it to the left.

PlayStation 2 Emulator | PCSX2


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